Anniversary Gifts

Whether you are celebrating your 6-month anniversary as a new couple, or celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary with your life-long love, here you will find plenty of creative, traditional, modern, romantic, and unique anniversary gift ideas for any budget.

Finding an anniversary gift can be a challenge, especially if you want to find the perfect anniversary gift for him, her, or for the couple. If you are more traditional, then you can refer to the anniversary gifts by year page, which offers both traditional and modern gift ideas that correspond to the year you are celebrating.

Since every couple is different, anniversary gifts needn't always be so cookie-cutter. Instead, they should be a reflection of who two people are as a couple and what would make them the happiest. The following are some anniversary gift ideas that fall into a range of categories and budgets to help you find the best anniversary gift possible.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional anniversary gifts are still common, although not in their most original form. For instance, it is not likely that you will give cotton fabric as a 2 year anniversary gift. Instead, you can give a homemade quilt, down comforter, or another item made of cotton as a cotton anniversary gift. Find more traditional anniversary gifts by year.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

Modern anniversary gifts have evolved to keep up with modern lifestyles while still keeping an air of tradition in the anniversary gift giving experience. Find more modern anniversary gifts by year.

Romantic Anniversary Gifts

Romantic anniversary gifts are always appreciated. It gives you and your spouse a reason to truly reflect on your relationship and re-ignite that spark that brought you two together. Browse additional romantic anniversary gift ideas.

Inexpensive Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts should not break the bank. There are plenty of great and inexpensive anniversary gifts that can be given proudly; gifts that will be treasured for years to come because it was given with love. Browse additional inexpensive anniversary gift ideas.

Creative Anniversary Gifts

Every couple is different, so finding creative anniversary gifts for your husband or wife can be a fun reflection of who you are as a couple. If your husband or wife enjoys certain hobbies or is a true sports fanatic, then finding the perfect creative anniversary gift that he or she will truly enjoy can be a fun adventure.

Unique Anniversary Gifts

Unique anniversary gifts can be anything that highlights you and your significant others individuality. Not all anniversary gifts must be romantic or traditional, finding the perfect unique anniversary gift that is meaningful to both of you can be a challenge, but well worth the effort!

Table of Contents

Anniversary Gifts by Year

A complete list of wedding anniversary gifts by year that contains both modern and traditional anniversary gift ideas, ranging from romantic and practical to creative and unusual. Find the perfect gift for your husband, wife, or special couple.

Anniversary Gifts for Her

Find creative and romantic anniversary gifts for her, anywhere from personalized blankets and home decor to a new fragrance and beautiful jewelry, you can find the perfect anniversary gift for your wife.

Anniversary Gifts for Him

Find great anniversary gifts for him, ranging from practical and useful to creative and unusual. Or visit a complete list of anniversary gifts by year to find the perfect anniversary gift for your husband.

Anniversary Gifts for the Couple

Find great anniversary gifts for parents, for grandparents, or any special couple in your life. For even more wedding anniversary gift ideas, visit our complete modern and traditional anniversary gift list by year.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Find unique personalized anniversary gifts that are both practical and creative. A personalized wedding anniversary gift will be extra special with your own special message or engraving.

Anniversary Gifts by Price Range

A complete list of wedding anniversary gift ideas, find extravagant to inexpensive anniversary gifts to fit any budget. All gifts are categorized by price range, from under $25, $25-$50, up to $500, and into the $1000's.

More Anniversary Gift Ideas

Find more anniversary gift ideas for men, women, and couples; gifts that are romantic, creative, and unique.


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