Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Modern 1st year anniversary gifts are clocks and there are a lot of great clock ideas that would be great for the home or as a gift for your spouse's office. You might consider a cool retro clock for the family rec room, a nice mantle clock for the dining room, or perhaps an engraved clock for the home office. There are certainly an endless amount of clock styles and ideas to choose from.

If you aren't particularly wild about getting a clock for your husband or wife, then you might consider getting something a little different and creative, but still encompasses the idea of time and the past, present, and future. For example, if your spouse loves to surf, then a cool tide clock might make a wonderful gift. Or if your spouse travels frequently, then a nice travel watch that he or she can keep with them may be the perfect gift.

Anniversary gift ideas, whether it is your first anniversary or your fortieth, should be a something that is special and celebrates your spouse and your marriage. Gifts do not need to fall into the pre-conceived themes of each year, but can be a creative interpretation that signifies something meaningful.

Handmade Artistic Scenic Desk Clocks

These captivating clocks are all handpainted and capture the essence of love and marriage. A unique clock that will surely be a conversation starter would make a wonderful and literally one-of-a-kind anniversary gift for your husband or wife. Or this desk clock could make a lovely gift for a young modern married couple celebrating their first year.

Outdoor Clock

An outdoor clock can make a great addition to your outside patio or backyard. If you and your spouse just recently purchased a home with a backyard or patio, then presenting him or her with an outdoor clock can not only symbolize the one year milestone of your marriage, but can also be a reminder of the year that you two purchased your first home.


A new dress watch can be a great and creative twist on the modern gift of a clock. Dress watches would also be a wonderful gift if your spouse recently got a new job or just got promoted. Many people nowadays rely on their cellphone for the time, so having a nice wrist watch can be a wonderful way to celebrate the present and the new watch can also be a great reminder of your first year of marriage.


A garden sundial can be an amazing anniversary gift for your husband or wife and a great piece of decor to add to an outdoor patio or garden. A sundial is also a great way to honor the ancient ways of telling time. A sundial uses the motion of the sun to cast shadows to indicate the time of day, so the gift of a sundial can be an intriguing idea if your husband or wife enjoys learning about old world instruments.

Retro Wall Clock

If traditional clock styles do not match your decor or personality, then consider giving your husband or wife a retro clock for your first anniversary! A retro-styled clock would look great in a garage or even in the home bar. Many of these types of clock offer a bold decor, which can be wonderful if you are looking for fill up space on a blank wall.

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches can be a great anniversary gift for a man who does not like to wear watches. How cool would it be to have your husband pull out a great looking pocket watch, rather than a smartphone, to find out the time? Many pocket watches can be engraved with a special message or wedding anniversary

Personalized Mantel / Decorative Clock

A decorative clock can be a wonderful anniversary gift that can be displayed in the home or office. A special message or the engraving of your wedding date can be a great way to make this gift extra special.

Rolex Watch

If you like the idea of a dress watch and really want to up the ante, you can knock them off of their feet by giving them a Rolex watch. You can find all sorts of designs and prices ranges, in both men's and women's, to match their style and your budget. A Rolex watch is a timeless personal accessory that will never go out of style.

Vintage Clocks

Vintage clocks are adorable and would make a lovely anniversary gift! If your decor a little country or Italian villa-esque, then consider getting a cool clock to help tie the whole theme together. With so many fun designs and colors, you can probably find an anniversary gift clock that will embrace the style that you two are creating for your home.

Sports / Travel Watch

Sports and travel watches can come in handy for men or women who do not enjoying wearing a watch. Many sports and travel watches can be attached to one's luggage or a golf bag for easy access. A digital travel clock can really come in handy for spouse's who travel reguarly; now they will never have to fumble with different hotel alarm clocks ever again!

If the idea of presenting your husband or wife with a sports or travel watch does not seem very romantic, then consider including a small weekend trip as part of the gift. Or even a new set of golf clubs. A clock or watch does not have to be the only type of gift that you can give your spouse, it can just be a little part of a bigger (and more romantic or fun) anniversary gift.

Desk Set with Clock

A desk set with a clock can be a wonderful gift for a busy professional. What better way to keep you in your spouse's thoughts than with a great desk clock? This can be an especially timely gift if your spouse recently got promoted or just started his or her own business. It can represent both a celebration of your first year of marriage and a celebration of starting a new chapter in one's life!

Some desk clocks can even be engraved with a special message of love or even encouragement! A wonderful thing about celebrating wedding anniversaries is that you and your spouse have a chance to reflect on the past year of marriage and look towards the future. So if you two are embarking on new adventures, like parenthood or travel, then acknowledging these new endeavors during your anniversary celebration can make it all the more special.

Atomic Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

An atomic clock that displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures can be a nice spin on the modern 1st year anniversary gift tradition because while it is still a clock, it certainly gives you more than just the time! If you have a spouse who is obsessed with the weather, then an atomic clock can be a fun new gadget for him or her. And it can be the perfect way to finally decide whether or not you need a jacket before heading out the door!

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are timeless pieces that would make a remarkable gift. A grandfather clock is also an impressive piece of furniture, so you should definitely consider where you would place such a majestic work of art. Would it great in the library or dining room? Or maybe that great empty space at the end of a hallway?

Not only would this clock be a wonderful reminder of your first anniversary, it can be a lovely piece of furniture to pass down to future generations.

Modern Alarm Clock

A modern alarm clock can be the perfect gift for a husband or wife who has everything! A highly advanced alarm clock can definitely be a fun gift to give, and help make early rising a more enoyable experience.

Pendulum Clock

A pendulum clock are a great piece of home decor to have. Many pendulum clocks seem to be the modern version of an antique grandfather clock, so if you are attracted to the style of a grandfather clock, but not so much the price tag or the space requirement, then you might consider a lovely pendulum clock!

Some styles seem to pay homage to the look of grandfather clocks, but there are many other styles that are more modern and graceful. There are many pendulum clock styles that can assimilate great into kitchen decor. And others that are more fitting for a home library or office. So consider where you would like to display a pendulum clock, then decide which type of style would be appropriate.

Personalized Wrist Watch

A personalized wristwatch can be a fun gift to give your husband or wife. You can personalize the watch with a special photo or customize it with your children's names. If they have a watch collection, then adding something interesting and unique can be the way to go.

Time / Tide Clocks

Time / tide clocks are a creative anniversary gift that would be perfect for the surfer or sailor in your life. They will be thrilled to receive this type of clock! If you own a boat or live in a beach house, then this would be a wonderful item to have for the whole family.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks are not just for kids! Consider giving your spouse a fun and unique cuckoo clock as an anniversary gift. It would look great in the family den or cabin! This is certainly a very eclectic gift, so make sure that your spouse will either love it or get a kick out of it before choosing to go this route!

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