Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional one year anniversary gifts in the US is paper and it is also the traditional second year anniversary gift theme in the UK. There are a lot of different paper anniversary gifts that you can find for your spouse or for a young married couple.

If you and your spouse, or a special couple you know, have just moved into a new home, then there are some great personalized 1st anniversary gift ideas that help to make a house truly a home. Or if your spouse has just landed a new job, then consider some great office related gift ideas that he or she will love.

All About You Two!

After your first year of marriage, you have probably learned a lot about yourself and your spouse. And it may be a great time to reflect on your young marriage by recording some thoughts that you and your spouse have about your past, present, and future.

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary is also a fun time to reflect upon how you met your spouse and jotting down your own personal love story. This can be a wonderful gift that you and your spouse can revisit each anniversary and maybe even make reflecting on your marriage a tradition for each milestone anniversary year.

Personalized Love Notes

A really unique and creative anniversary gift that you can give to your spouse would a personalized jar filled with handwritten mini-love notes. These notes do not have to be Shakepearean sonnets, but can simply be little notes from the heart.

They might be reasons why you love your husband or wife. You might consider jotting down some lyrics of your favorite songs. Or even little pieces of poetry from your favorite poets or quotes from your favorite author that remind you of how much you love him or her. This can be a gift that your spouse and you will be able to cherish long after your first anniversary celebration.

The jar does not have to be personalized, you might find a nice vintage glass milk jar to use or a special vase. The most important piece of this first year anniversary gift will be the lovely slips of paper that contain true feelings from the heart. To make this gift really stand out, you might choose to use different types of paper to express yourself, consider different texures and colors and really make the contents pop!

Turn up the Heat in the Kitchen - and Elsewhere!

A couple's cookbook can be a great paper first anniversary gift, especially if you and your spouse always talk about cooking at home more or learning new recipes. These cookbooks are designed with couples in mind, so no more needing to scale an online recipe from 8 down to 2!

But if you and your spouse are looking for ways to spend more time together and not just watching TV, then cooking up some new recipes with love could be the perfect way!

Please Note: Keep in mind that some of these cookbooks do specialize in turning up the heat and not just in the kitchen, so if you are planning on buying a couple's cookbook as a gift, then you may opt for the PG-13 cookbooks, like these below:

Personalized Message in a Bottle

Have you ever wanted to write a message in a bottle and send it off to a faraway stranger? Well, how about writing your own special message and sending it off to your favorite person in the world? These little kits or personalized messages in a bottle are a great way to write down some heartfelt thoughts for your sweetheart.

If you are not sure exactly what to write, then consider writing an excerpt from your wedding vows or even lyrics from your first dance. Your spouse will love the creativity and thoughtfulnes -- and, really, who wouldn't want to receive their very own personalized message in a bottle?

Personalized Photo Album

A photo album filled with the best pictures from your first year of marriage will definitely be a winner! And this first anniversary gift idea can even become a tradition where you two collect your favorite photos from the year and put them all into an album or scrapbook.

All too often, pictures get forgotten in digital cameras or computer hard drives, but if you two have a commitment to print out your favorites every year, you will always have a physical memory book of that year. It would also be great to have such a wonderful collection of photo albums to look back upon.

Decorative Paper Lanterns

If you and your spouse are choosing to be frugal about your wedding anniversary celebration, then you can incorporate paper lanterns into a romantic evening at home while still honoring the paper gift tradition. A lovely home cooked meal enjoyed under the soft glow of new paper lanterns can make a memorable and enjoyable date!

Portfolio / Personalized Portfolio

A personalized professional portfolio can make a wonderful gift for your spouse if he or she has just landed a new job. Or it can be a great accessory to bring along on interviews to hold resumes and reference letters. With a fresh pad of paper included, this gift can serve as both a practical object to own and be considered a paper anniversary gift.

Creative Paper (and Wood) Birdhouses

A beautifully made birdhouse can be a wonderful and unique paper anniversary gift for your spouse! If your husband or wife loves reading, then these actual book to birdhouse creations will be perfect. Imagine hanging one of these creative little birdhouses outside your kitchen window or balcony? It will end up being a lovely reminder of your first paper anniversary celebration!

Personalized Paper Cube

A personalized paper cube with memorable photos can be a simple and fun way to celebrate the paper theme for your first anniversary. You can highlight your favorite wedding photos on the cube or maybe your favorite photos from the last year.

A photo paper cube does not have to be the only anniversary gift that you give to your spouse, it can be a little part of a bigger gift. For some it might be difficult to find the perfect paper gift, but if you want to adhere to this tradition, then a cool paper cube would work to cover your papar gift requirement!

Fun (and Practical) "To Do" Notepads

These fun little to-do notepads can be a great 1st wedding anniversary gift for a spouse who loves to make lists! There are a few different styles to choose from and your spouse will just love how creative and practical these notepads are.

Flower Bouquet in a Box

These beautiful flower bouquets come bursting from special tissue paper and a adorable cardboard box. What better gift to give your wife than some anniversary flowers? It may be pushing the paper theme envelope a little, but she'll love it all the same!

Sweet Love Coupons

Love coupons never go out of syle! And it would make a great paper gift for your sweetie! Love coupons range from sweet to a little sexy, so you can choose your level of intimacy. Or if you are crafty, then you might even consider making your own personalized coupon book!

Ticket Stub Holder

It's time to start collecting those mementos, including all of those ticket stubs! If you and your husband or wife are constantly going to concerts, plays, ballgames, and other events, then it may be time to start saving those stubs! And the paper gift to this gift idea would certainly be paper tickets to an upcoming event! Just make sure that you get the real tickets, not those e-tickets that do not have the same nostalgic aura of the real deal!

Wouldn't it be great to look back and remember all of those places and special dates? This can be especially great if you and your spouse aren't big on capturing memories with a camera, the stubs can serve as a memory jogger and can be fun to start collecting now.

Personalized Notebook

If your spouse is a writer, then a set of personalized notebooks can be a wonderful one year anniversary gift. These notebooks will come in handy at home, in the office, and while traveling.

Paper Screen Room Dividers

A paper screen room divider is a great addition to an Asian themed room. It can be used to stylishly separate a large space or simply to add to the decor. If you and your spouse are decorating with an Asian theme, then a paper screen room divider may be the perfect gift.

Address Book

An address book can be a wonderful way for you and your spouse to keep track of all of your friends and family. And what better time to start keeping names and addresses than on your first wedding anniversary.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Magazine or Newspaper Mirror

These are recycles mirrors made of paper! This unique green anniversary gift can be perfect for a spouse or couple who is conscious of their carbon footprint, but still appreciates style!

Personalized Recipe Cards

If your wife or husband loves to cook, then consider getting her or him a set of personalized recipe cards and a recipe box. It will be a great way to start collecting favorite family recipes.

Journal / Notebook

Journals or notebooks make great first wedding anniversary gifts because they are practical and would make the perfect present for an office worker or student.

Personalized Address Labels

Personalized address labels are a great way to celebrate the first year of marriage, especially if you and your spouse have recently purchased a new home or condo.


If your spouse is an artist, graphic designer, interior decorator, or other creative type, then a set of sketchbooks may be a really thoughtful anniversary gift for him or her!

Magazine Subscription

A subscription to your spouse's favorite magazine can be a fun paper anniversary gift that will be appreciated all year long. If your wife is pregnant, then a parenting magazine may a really sweet gift.

Organizer / Planner

A good organizer or planner can be a wonderful gift for anyone. There are organizers made specifically for one year at a time or there are organizers that can be refilled year after year.

Paper Floor Lamp

Paper floor lamps are a great addition to any minimalist room decor. If you and your spouse are looking for a lamp to add a soft glow to a bedroom or guest room, then consider a beautiful paper floor lamp as a first year anniversary gift.

Personalized Note Cards

Personalized family note cards can be a wonderful first wedding anniversary gift for a young couple. A nice set of note cards with the family name will also come in handy when they need to write thank you notes.

Photo Printer + Photo Paper

If you and your spouse love to take photos, but rarely ever get those favorite pics developed, then consider getting a photo printer! Now you can print your favorite photos from home whenever you want! Don’t forget to also purchase photo paper along with the printer.

Mini Notebook

A mini-notebook is a cute little item that can be easily carried in a purse or the car. If you are on a budget, then this can be a sweet and inexpensive token of love for your first anniversary.

Personalized Calendar

A personalized calender can make the perfect gift that can be used all year along. You can include some favorite photos of the last year or just have a simple monogrammed calender that your spouse can use at work.

Family Organizers

Family organizers are a practical and thoughtful first year anniversary gift that can be given to a young couple embarking on their lives together or even to a spouse who loves to organize!

Paper Table Lamps

Paper table lamps would look great on a pair to nightstands or on end tables. Consider paper table lamps as a first year anniversary gift idea if you and your spouse are decorating a new home or apartment.

Favorite Books

If your spouse is a reader, then consider getting him or her the latest books from a favorite author. Or if there is a special book series that he or she loves, then consider getting the whole collection!

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