Modern 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diamond jewelry is the modern 10 year anniversary gift theme. There are so many beautiful pieces that are available as wedding anniversary gifts, for both women and men. Here are some diamond jewelry ideas for women and men to help you decide on the perfect ten year wedding anniversary gift.

For a women, you might consider a pair of diamond earrings or a lovely tennis bracelet. For men, you might surprise him with an engraved diamond studded dog tag or an elegant bracelet. Make this milestone ten year anniversary one to remember now and forever.

Ladies' Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings will always make a wonderful gift, especially if you are celebrating a 10-year milestone wedding anniversary. A woman may choose to wear a diamond ring in addition to her engagement ring and wedding band. Or if a wedding ring upgrade has been in the works, then a ten year anniversary can be the perfect time to present her with a new diamond wedding ring.

Ladies' Diamond Watch

If your wife currently has an extensive diamond jewelry collection, then consider surprising her with a diamond watch as an anniversary gift. Watch styles vary from every day watches to an elegant piece that is only appropriate for certain occasions. So consider your her current watch collection and try to find a piece that will complement and expand it well.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Every woman who loves jewelry should have a pair a beautiful diamond stud earrings. These sparkly earrings go with just about any outfit and can even be worn on a daily basis. There are a few different types of diamond cuts that are available, so take a little peek into your wife's jewelry box to see if you can find a nice cut that she doesn't already own.

Diamond Earrings

Aside from diamond stud earrings, there are also drop or hanging diamond earrings that can be worn for those extra special occasions. Diamond earrings can be set with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum - taking a look in your wife's jewelry box may help to determine what type of setting material she would prefer. Or you can surprise her with a setting combination that she doesn't already own.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelets can be a striking gift for a woman with impeccable taste. There is nothing understated about owning a timeless piece of jewelry such as a diamond tennis bracelet. So dazzle her with a gorgeous tennis bracelet that will serve as a reminder of a marriage ten years strong and growing!

Diamond Pendant Necklace

Diamond pendant necklaces range from simple to extravagant. If you want to knock her socks off, consider her current favorite pendant necklaces and top it with a gorgeous brilliant diamond pendant - she will be thrilled! And the piece will always hold a special place in her jewelry collection as a symbol of your remarkable ten year milestone wedding anniversary.

Diamond Bracelet

A fashionable diamond bracelet can make a great anniversary gift for a women who loves jewelry! Especially if she already has a collection of diamond jewelry. So surprise her with a bracelet that is different and special for your tenth anniversary celebration.

Men's Diamond Jewelry

Men's Diamond Watch

A really nice diamond watch can be the perfect gift for your husband. Some diamond watches are understated, yet sophisticated, while others may cause strangers to do a double take. So consider his style and current watch collection when looking for a watch that will make a memorable anniversary gift for him.

Men's Diamond Bracelet

Are you looking for a nice piece of men's diamond jewelry that is nice enough to wear every day? Then consider these sharp looking men's bracelets with diamond accents. These timeless pieces of jewelry can be a nice reminder of your special milestone 10-year anniversary.

Men's Diamond Ring

Does your special guy enjoy wearing nice jewelry? Then consider a great men's diamond ring. This fashionable looking piece of jewelry can be perfect for a man who likes to make a statement. And a diamond ring can be a great testament to his marriage ten years strong and growing!

Engravable Diamond Encrusted Dog Tag

Do you a special diamond anniversary message for your hubby? Then instead of writing in a greeting card, consider engraving it on a diamond encrusted dog tag. Your loving message can be forever etched onto a tag that he can wear always! Now whenever he wants to reflect on your first decade of marriage, he will have your words to help him!

Diamond Cuff Links

Diamond cuff links can be a wonderful accessory for a man who often dresses formally for work or leisure. Or these wonderful cuff links can be reserved for only the most special occasions, such as a ten year wedding anniversary celebration!

Men's or Ladies' Diamond Rolex Watch

Men's or Ladies' Diamond Rolex

A diamond Rolex will make any anniversary memorable, so if you are looking for a gift that will blow your spouse away, then consider an authentic pre-owned Rolex. Finding a Rolex dealer can be difficult, but finding an authentic pre-owned Rolex online can be the next best thing to purchasing an original Rolex in person. So consider these amazing watches at amazing prices when considering a Rolex as a 10-year anniversary gift.

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