Modern 19th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Modern bronze 19th wedding anniversary gifts can include anything from cookware to outdoor fire pits! While bronze itself is a composition of many different materials, you might just consider looking for bronze finished items that your husband or wife will love.

It may be difficult to find a romantic bronze gift idea, so consider if getting a large bronze gift does not really fit into your style, then consider a smaller bronze gift while getting a more lavish gift for your spouse as well.

In addition to bronze being the modern 19-year anniversary gift, bronze is also considered the traditional 8-year anniversary gift in the U.S. So if you are looking for more bronze gift ideas, check out some traditional 8-year anniversary gifts.

Bronze Table Lamp

A new modern table lamp can be a wonderful and useful anniversary gift. A pair of new nightstand lamps or end table lamps would be a great addition to your home. And bronze lamps are often very intriguing because one doesn't usually consider a bronze finish when looking for house decor.

Bronze Fire Pit

If you and your spouse spend a lot of time outside, then consider getting a new bronze fire pit. Outdoor fire pits are a great way to keep warm on a cool evenings and if you are planning on adding this piece to your outdoor decor, you might consider planning a whole evening around it.

For instance, you can get plan on getting some wood, have a nice dinner outside, then light up the new firepit as the sun is going down. It can be a great way to wind down after a romantic evening of celebrating.

Bronze Cookware

Bronze cookware makes a bold statement in a kitchen! If you and your spouse are long overdue for a new set of cookware, then this anniversary may be the perfect excuse for throwing out the old and bringing in the new.

Bronze Garden / Hanging Baskets

Bronze garden boxes and hanging baskets can be fun and inexpensive anniversary gifts. With the planters, you might consider planting some special flowers or other plants that may mean something special to the both of you.

You might consider flowers that represent the birth month of your spouse or even the birth month flowers of your kids. And, of course, flowers that represent the month of your wedding anniversary may be extra thoughtful. So even if bronze doesn't always conjure up the idea of romance and love, there are still some creative ways to make bronze gifts special!

Bronze Floor Lamp

A bronze floor lamp can add a nice warm feel to any room. If you and your spouse are in need of new lighting for a favorite room, then consider getting him or her a new bronze floor lamp. This can be in addition to matching bronze table lamps, too!

Bronze Chimes

Bronze chimes placed in just the right place outside can make every little breeze more magical. Chimes play particular musical notes depending on the type of material being used, so a bronze chime can be special because of it's distinctive sounds.

Bronze Kitchenware

Adding bronze decor to any room, including the kitchen, can really warm up the place. If you have been meaning to upgrade your kitchen decor, then this may be the perfect time.

Bronze Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are great for couples who enjoy entertaining outdoors. A beautiful bronze finish will be a great addition to late evening outdoor parties. You might also include the patio heater in celebrating your 19th anniversary!

Consider making a romantic dinner and enjoying it outside with a nice bottle of wine. The warmth of the heater will allow you and your sweetie to stay out long after the sun has gone down.

Bronze Indoor / Outdoor Home Decor

Bronze decor can add some great style to an empty wall or outdoor area. Consider getting your husband or wife some beautiful new bronze pieces for your home.

Bronze Indoor and/or Outdoor Clock

An indoor or outdoor bronze clock can be a great 19th wedding anniversary gift. It is both useful and can add a lot of warmth to your current decor.

Bronze Bathroom Accessories

If your bathroom is in need of re-vamping, then consider bronze bathroom decor to give the room a welcoming touch.

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