Modern 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Modern 20th wedding anniversary gifts are platinum and this beautiful precious metal can be found in a variety of great items. For your wife, you may consider getting her a lovely piece of platinum jewelry or a platinum accented frame with a favorite wedding photo inside! For your husband, you might consider an elegant executive pen or perhaps a new platinum watch.

Platinum Watch - For Women

A nice platinum watch would make a great anniversary gift. Many platinum watches are not too expensive, so it could definitely be a good little gift to give to your wife along with other modern 20th anniversary gifts.

Platinum Watch - For Men

Platinum watches for men come in a variety of styles. Some are designed to be worn every day and others just for special occasions.

Platinum Rings

A gorgeous platinum ring can be the perfect way to say "Happy 20th Anniversary!" Platinum rings come in so many beautiful styles, from everyday casual to elegant.

Platinum Bracelet

Platinum bracelets are beautiful and can be worn every day and with nearly every type of outfit. There are also a lot of wonderful styles that have that pop factor, if your wife prefers bold jewelry. If your wife enjoys nice jewelry, then she will adore receiving a platinum bracelet as a 20 year anniversary gift. Here are a few lovely designs to consider when looking for a platinum bracelet.

Platinum Earrings

A pair of platinum earrings can be the perfect anniversary gift for your wife. With platinum, she will feel comfortable wearing the earrings every day if she wants. Aside from simple stud earrings, as seen below, there are also dressier styles, such as drop earrings which would be great for wearing during a night out.

Platinum Dinnerware Settings

A new set of dinnerware settings can be the perfect gift for you and your spouse. You can find so many different platinum accented sets that range from every day casual to fine china.

Platinum Rolex Watch - For Men and Women

Rolex makes remarkable platinum watches that would make incredible anniversary gifts. Your wife or your husband will be thrilled to receive such a lovely gift!

Platinum Executive Pen

A platinum executive pen can make a great gift for a man or woman who seems to have everything. These pens are both practical and will make a wonderful gift that will last for a long time.

Platinum Necklace

Platinum necklaces can be worn both casually or just for special occasions. Your wife will absolutely adore a platinum necklace as an anniversary gift.

Platinum Accented Picture Frames

A platinum accented picture frame with some favorite photos taken over the last 20 years can be a wonderful gift for your wife or for your husband. You may even consider finding a favorite wedding photo to include in the frame.

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