Traditional 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional 3rd year anniversary gifts, both in the US and the UK, are leather and there are many quality leather items that you can find for your husband, wife, or for a couple. There are great leather traveling accessories or home storage items that can be found for reasonable prices. Many leather items can also be personalized to make the gift even more special.

Leather Jewelry Box / Jewelry Case

A beautiful leather jewelry box or jewelry case can make a great 3-year anniversary gift for your wife. Smaller cases work great for traveling and for keeping more delicate items from getting lost.

Personalized Leather Valet / Keepsake Box

Leather valets or watch boxes can be a perfect 3rd anniversary gift for your husband, especially if he collects watches or other small accessories and does not have dedicated place to store all of these valuables.

Leather Games

If you and your husband enjoy playing games, then giving him or her a lovely leather chess or backgammon set can be a really special 3rd wedding anniversary gift and it will be a gift that both of you can enjoy!

Wine Carrier

If your husband or wife enjoy wine, then a beautiful wine carrying case would make for an exquisite traditional 3-year anniversary gift. Now, when traveling, there will be no fear of the wine glass breaking or being insecure.

Personalized Leather Portfolio

A personalized leather portfolio can make for a great 3rd wedding anniversary gift, especially if your husband or wife works in a professional field. It would be a great gift that he or she can use regularly.

Laptop Tote / Laptop Bag

A leather laptop bag or tote is a great 3-year anniversary gift that will last for a very long time. It would make a great gift for a teacher, business person, or anyone who needs to carry their laptop with them frequently. Your husband or wife will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Personalized Leather Passport / Ticket Holder

A personalized leather passport or ticket holder makes for a great and reasonably priced traditional 3rd anniversary gift. This is the perfect anniversary gift for travelers!

Leather Desk Set

An executive leather desk set would make a magnificent 3rd year wedding anniversary gift for your husband or wife. A quality desk set can really bring an office together and if your spouse spends a lot of time at his or her office, then they will love it!

Leather Storage Bench

A leather storage bench is perfect for a long wide hallway or for storage at the end of a bed. It is a great piece of furniture that would be a lovely traditional 3rd year anniversary gift, especially if you and your spouse are in need of more storage space.

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