Traditional 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The U.K. theme for a 4th wedding anniversary gift is fruit and flowers. Aside from a beautiful bouquet of flowers or basket of fresh fruit, you can think of some creative floral or fruit inspired items for the home or office.

Here is a variety of 4th anniversary gift ideas that take the anniversary theme both literally and in a more creative fashion. With hope, some of these gift ideas will lead you to find the perfect gift for your husband or wife.

Delicious Fruit Basket

A fruit basket would make a great 4th wedding anniversary gift! Delicious treats, beyond sweet juicy fruits, can be enjoyed to celebrate four happy years of marriage!

Fruit or Flower Themed Artwork

Artwork to decorate a blank wall or a new house can be a really creative 4th anniversary gift because it will last much longer than just a bouquet of flowers or basket of fruit.

Flower Inspired Jewelry

Every woman loves to receive jewelry and if you would prefer to give your wife more than just fruit and flowers, then here are some beautiful jewelry pieces inspired by flowers.

Fruity Perfume

Women’s perfumes are often inspired by flowers, so if your wife loves new fragrances, then consider getting her a new floral inspired perfume as an anniversary gift.

Sweet and Yummy Fruit Tower

A fruit tower often includes an array of ripe and ready fresh fruit and other yummy surprises. Every little box will be like opening a present on Christmas morning, you never know what you’ll get!

Fruity or Floral Body Bath Set

A pampering fruity or floral body bath set can make a wonderful 4th wedding anniversary gift. It will give your wife a reason to indulge herself.

Floral / Fruit Designed Teapot / Tea Infuser

A floral or fruit inspired teapot or tea infuser can be a lovely gift. If your spouse loves tea, then this would be a great addition to your kitchen ware or they can take the pot to work and enjoy it there.

4th Anniversary Flowers: Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are the fourth year anniversary flowers. Hydrangeas bouquets often include other beautiful flowers such as roses and carnations which add a lovely mixture of colors and a variety of blooms.

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