Traditional 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Linens or silk are the traditional 4th wedding anniversary gifts in the U.S. and can be a fun theme to use when buying a gift for your husband, wife, or for a couple. Linens can translate into nice additions to your bedroom or bathroom. And silk can be a very special gift that you can given in the form of luxurious clothing or bedspreads.

Personalized Linen Pillowcase

A personalized linen pillowcases can make a sweet anniversary gift for you and your spouse. It is a simple way to celebrate your union and a fun way to be reminded of this anniversary celebration every time you use them.

Silk Tie

A gorgeous silk tie can be a wonderful gift for your husband. To make it a little more personal, you may consider getting a tie color that matches his birthstone color or your birthday stone color.

Personalized Dinner/Cocktail Napkins

Personalized dinner and/or cocktail napkins can be a really nice traditional 4th anniversary gift. This is especially great if you and your spouse enjoy entertaining.

Personalized Linen Tea Towels

Personalized linen tea towels would look great in the guest bathroom or put out during special occasions. It will also be a lovely reminder of your wedding anniversary every time you see it. Or you may even decide to only put these special tea towels out when it is a special occassion or only around your future wedding anniversaries.

Personalized Silk Apparel

Silk is a luxurious fabric that anyone would enjoy wearing. For your 4th year anniversary present, you might want to consider some romantic silk garments for your spouse.

Silk Blended Scarves

A beautiful silk scarf will be a lovely addition to any women's wardrobe. Scarves make great gifts, especially if your wedding anniversary lands in the autumn or winter because then she will be able to use the scarf right away.

Silk Bedspreads

Silk bedding can be a very romantic anniversary gift to give to your spouse. It will definitely be a fun new addition to your bedspread collection. There are a lot of different silk hues that are available, so you can choose silk bedspreads that will match your current decor.

Batik Scarf / Shawl

A beautifully patterned silk batik scarf or shawl may be the perfect gift for your wife. If she loves bold and bright colors, then she’ll love these silk accessories.

Outdoor Silk Lanterns

These beautiful silk lanterns will add color to any type of entertaining space outside. If you and your spouse enjoy spending time outside, then these silk lanterns can make for the perfect anniversary present.

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