40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

10k White Gold Created Ruby Heart Earrings

Ruby is considered both the traditional and the modern 40th anniversary gift. Ruby is a gorgeous gem that ranges in color from pink to a deep reddish purple. It is a beautiful gemstone that is used to make a nice assortment of jewelry and accessories.

Aside from ruby jewelry, you and your spouse may consider ruby inspired artwork or glassware. There are so many different ways that you can celebrate this ruby anniversary in a way that reflects your marriage as a couple.

Ruby Pendant

A ruby pendant is a lovely piece of jewelry that shows off the beauty of the gemstone wonderfully. A ruby pendant can be worn with and elegant evening gown or worn to dress up a casual outfit for work. The outstanding color will be a complement to any occasion. Your wife would be ecstatic to receive this as a 40th anniversary gift.

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Diamonds are often paired with rubies to highlight the beautiful contrast in color between the two stones. And ruby and diamond rings are a great way to pair the two. Here are some lovely rings that any wife of forty years would proudly wear as a testament of your marriage. So surprise her with a special little velvet box that contains one of these gorgeous pieces.

Black Tie Crystal Ruby Red Russian Vase

A ruby anniversary does not neccessarily require a ruby gemstone, so if your spouse is not a jewelry loving person, then consider a ruby colored gift, like one of these crystal vases. A crystal vase can become a great centerpiece for a favorite alcove or displayed in a foyar or China cabinet. And with a vase displayed in a special place in your home, you and your spouse will be reminded often of this milestone anniversary.

Ruby Earrings

Looking for a way to make her smile this anniversary? Then consider surprising her with a pair of these striking ruby earrings. Lovely ruby earrings add a touch of elegance to any occasion and she will love wearing them because they will be a symbol of your 40 years of marriage.

Worldtrade Ruby Jewelry

Are you seeking something uniquely wonderful for your spouse? Then consider artisan crafted jewelry made with care from all the corners of the globe. Novica is a company who seeks to match you with handcrafted goods from artists worldwide. Here are some beautiful ruby pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. So surprise her with a special gift that she can trace all the way back to its original creator.

Ruby Necklace

Make her day with the gift of a bold ruby necklace. Rubies are certainly a gemstone that can make a statement, so if your spouse is one for making fashion statements, then don't be shy and give her something that will make others do a double take.

Ruby Red Mikasa Drinkware

Making a toast with ruby red drinkware can be one way to celebrate 40 years of marriage! For some, a ruby anniversary can be a difficult theme to follow, especially if you and your spouse have everything you will ever need. So a special set of ruby red drinkware can be a way to celebrate this milestone year and can be the glasses reserved for those extra special occasions in the future.

Ruby Bracelet

A simple ruby bracelet can make a lovely gift for your wife. The beauty of these brilliantly colored gemstones may cause these bracelets to be worn only during the most honored occasions. It will certainly be a gift that she will treasure and place among her favorite jewelry pieces.

Ruby Encrusted Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are highly coveted accessories and since Rolex makes some exceptional watches with ruby accents they can make for a very memorable 40th wedding anniversary gift that your wife or husband would love to receive. The delicate ruby accent will serve as a loving reminder of this milestone year of marriage.

Ruby Heart Charm

A charm bracelet can be given with a ruby accented charm along with other meaningful charms. Charm bracelets are wonderful because your spouse will be able to add more charms to commemorate other special occasions and milestones that you two will celebrate now and into the future.

Ruby Inspired Art

Ruby inspired art can be a great testament of a marriage that is forty years strong. A piece of artwork that you and your spouse pick out or possibly commission together can be a special way to celebrate this milestone ruby anniversary.

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