Modern 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Modern 6th wedding anniversary gifts can be wooden objects for the home, outdoors, or for the office. Wood anniversary gift ideas are plentiful and it will be easy to find a 6-year wedding anniversary gift that your husband or wife will love. Below are some great ideas that can get you started on your search for the perfect anniversary gift.

In addition to wood objects being the modern 6-year anniversary gift, both the US and the UK hold wood as the traditional 5-year anniversary gift, so if you are looking for more wood gift ideas, check out some traditional 5-year anniversary gift ideas.

Personalized Wooden Frame / Wooden Photo Box

A personalized wooden frame would make a great anniversary gift. A picture of the couple can be included within the frame or a special love note can be included in place of a picture, that is until a great picture is found.

Wooden Wine Rack

A wooden wine rack could definitely be a fun anniversary gift. It would be a nice piece to put in the dining room, kitchen, or home bar. You can even include some nice bottles of wine along with the wine rack!

Wooden Bookcase

If your family library is overflowing or if your wife or husband's office is overflowing with books, then consider getting a new bookcase for her or him. A solid piece of wood furniture will make a great and useful wood anniversary gift.

Personalized Wooden Humidor

If your spouse loves cigars, then a personalized humidor can make for a perfect wood anniversary gift. The humidor can be personalized with your spouse's name or initials, and you can make it extra special by filling it with his favorite cigars!

Wooden Bench

A wooden bench can be a great modern 6th year wedding anniversary gift. Benches not only add seating in smaller places, but many offer storage space as well.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a beautiful piece of patio furniture that would make for a great gift, it has both class and style and a matching pair for both you and your spouse would look great near the pool or on the back deck.

TV Trays

A modern take on TV trays can be a fun addition to your family room and would make a great gift, especially if you and your spouse enjoy spending time lounging.

Personalized Wooden Photo Album

A photo album with a wooden cover makes a great (and sturdy) anniversary gift! It can be filled with wonderful memories from the last six years or it can be given empty with a note expressing how many more memories you two will create in the future.

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