Anniversary Gifts for Him

Anniversary gifts for him can be difficult if your husband has everything he needs. Sometimes finding him a small special and personalized anniversary gift will make his day. Or he may be the type of guy who loves new toys. Whatever the case may be, you know your husband best, so here are some gift ideas to help you decide how to make his day with the perfect gift!

Cologne Set

If your husband or boyfriend is running out of his favorite cologne, then getting him a new cologne gift set would be a thoughtful anniversary gift. Or a new scent may be just what he needs is he's been wearing the same cologne for years.

Flat Screen TV

Has your husband been talking about replacing the family room TV set for months, then why not surprise him with a new flat screen TV? It can be an awesome anniversary gift that he may never suspect coming!

Outdoor Bar-be-que or Smoker

If your guy is an outdoor man and he loves to man the bar-be-que during parties, then a new bar-be-que or smoker may be the perfect anniversary gift for him!

Men's Jewelry

Your husband may really appreciate a nice piece of jewelry for an anniversary present. A piece of jewelry will be treasured for many years to come, and many of the anniversary gifts by year include precious stones that can be incorporated into the jewelry of your choice.

Men's Rolex

A Rolex watch may be that once in a lifetime gift that would absolutely be cherished by any man, and there is a wide variety of styles in different price ranges to choose from.

Home Bar

A home bar can be a great anniversary gift for him. If you have space in your family den or game room, then it would be a great surprise, especially if you and your husband love to entertain.

Personalized Barware & Decor

Personalized barware and home bar decor would be great to go with a home bar. It can be customized with the family's last name or even your husband's name.

Personalized Pocket Watch

A beautiful new pocket watch would make a really nice anniversary gift. Men usually own every day watches, which can hold up to daily wear and tear, and special occasion watches. Consider what type of watches your husband may already have and perhaps a personalized pocket watch would make a special addition to his collection.

Personalized Boxers

A cute anniversary gift that you can give to your husband is personalized boxers! It will be a nice treat that can also help spice up your anniversary celebration!

Coffee Maker / Espresso

If your husband is a coffee lover, but has yet to get a gourmet coffee maker or an espresso machine, then this just may be the perfect gift. Now he will never have to run to the nearest cafe for that perfect cup of joe!

Tailgating Gear

Do you and your husband tailgate all the time? Then how about adding some fun tailgating accessories to the mix? A new tailgating bar-be-que or a fun tailgating game can be an awesome and creative anniversary gift.

Favorite Series DVD Set

If you and your spouse enjoy watching certain shows together, then consider purchasing the DVD series! This will be a fun and inexpensive gift that can be enjoyed by both of you. Most boxed DVD sets are much less expensive than buying each season separately and often come in an attractive set or case.

Fun Themed Gift Baskets

If you are at a loss at what to get your husband, then consider a themed gift basket! If he loves golf or BBQing, then you'll be sure to find a great themed gift basket that he'll really enjoy!

Electric Shaver / Beard Trimmer

An electric shaver or beard trimmer can be a great anniversary gift for men. It is useful and can help him shave some time off of his morning routine.

Art of Shaving

Another spin on shaving gear is the Art of Shaving. These shaving kits make wonderful anniversary gifts for husbands because not only do they put a fun retro spin on shaving, but they also give him the chance to pamper himself while still being manly.

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